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MedTech Outlook

Reasons to Purchase
This Report

MedTech Outlook: Latin America 2024 features more than 1,500 key data points that offer crucial insights to the marketing and sales professionals of medical equipment/devices companies that are focused on Latin America.

4 Main Reasons
to buy this report

#1 Exclusive Data Direct from the Sources

Nearly 90% of the data listed in MedTech Outlook: Latin America 2024 is unavailable from any other source, paid or unpaid. The data for equipment counts, penetration, infrastructure, etc. all come from primary research conducted by Global Health Intelligence with more than 19,000 hospitals across Latin America. All of this data comes directly from the hospitals themselves and is then subject to rigorous internal statistical analysis by the Global Health Intelligence team.

This is marked contrast to other reports on the medical equipment and device market in Latin America, which generally do not employ primary research and tend to feature data from government reports, which in Latin America are notoriously outdated or inaccurate.

#2 Predictive Power

The data in the report allows medical device and equipment companies to see which equipment types are growing the most in Latin American hospital markets via data on acquisitions and counts of base installed and specialized equipment. This allows these companies to determine which medical equipment types have the best growth potential, based not only on current figures but also on longer-term tracking.

#3 Direct Sales Prospects with Proven Purchasing Power

Part 3, which highlights the 70 hospitals in Latin America that lead the region in technology adoption, outlines not only the hospitals but the specific amounts of a range of high-tech equipment types they currently own.

Beyond possibly adding valuable new contacts to their CRM databases, medical equipment sales teams can analyze this data to determine which new products to offer hospitals, create upselling or maintenance packages, and develop other opportunities based on the direct purchasing behavior of these hospitals.

Understanding Latin America’s leading adopters of healthcare technology can assist with future launches of advanced products, including telemedicine systems, software solutions, and more.

#4 Quickly Accessible Data Points

Unlike many research reports, which are structured in an academic style consisting of oceans of unbroken text and occasional graphics, MedTech Outlook: Latin America 2024 is mostly designed infographically. This allows readers to quickly zero in on the data points they are looking for to understand market trends, acquisition totals, and more, virtually at a glance.